Friday, 27 November 2009

Black tahitian pearl stud earrings

Black Pearl Earrings Are Beautiful

Black pearl earrings are so expensive, luxurious, and exotic that many men and women want to buy them. White pearls are a dime a dozen and people will definitely recognize the sexy and brilliant appearance of these shiny black pearls that are dangling from your earlobes.

There are two types of negro pearls; ones that are artificially cultured to have a black appearance, and ones that are naturally made in the deep seas of the Indian Ocean. The artificially cultured pearls do not cost as much as the natural pearls found in the Tahitian waters, as the Tahitian pearls are very rare. Black oysters have a hard time producing pearls and over farming has caused a dramatic decrease in the black oyster population.


pearls can be formed in fresh and saltwater but the best type of pearls are formed in the depths of the salty waters in Tahiti. The most suitable style for black pearl earrings are the dangle earrings. The reason why these look so fantastic is because the dangling pearls show off the pearls natural brilliance and can be seen by itself instead of connected with the earlobe. You can buy black pearls online or in your local jewelry store.

However, if you are worried about quality, then you should purchase your pearls from trusted dealers that focus on pearl jewelry. Also, you can consider purchasing your own black pearls online from a trusted dealer and having a jeweler fit the pearl to the earrings of your choice.

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